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To get the best quote for you, please fill in all details.
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Helping Us Prepare Your Quote

What UltraKey license do you own now?

None - but used UltraKey at a different site
UltraKey 6 - we want to expand our license
UltraKey 5 - we want to upgrade
UltraKey 4
UltraKey 3 or earlier

Where will the software be used?

Classroom or Lab
School or Department
District or Enterprise
Distance Education and/or Home Use

What should the license or subscription cover?

Leave items blank that do not apply.
Number of workstations (No charge for teacher and manager workstations)
Number of laptops that go home with students
Number of users
Number of schools, buildings, departments or locations

What systems will the software will be used on?

The desktop format of UltraKey is engineered for standalone and network use. Multi-station licenses automatically include network licensing. Indicate the workstation systems you use or indicate online as it applies.
Mac OSX  
Mixed desktop and online  

What configuration is required?

The desktop format of UltraKey is designed for a range of situations. It can operate as a standalone program keeping records on the workstation. It can also be implemented across an enterprise, keeping records for thousands of users on a central server or on the UltraKey Cloud. The online format of UltraKey is coming in 2015.

Choose the most applicable configuration below. For combinations, choose Other and list the configurations you need.
Standalone: UltraKey is installed locally and used independent of other installations of UltraKey. Records are stored on the local workstation. No centralized file storage or record management is required.
UltraKey with Local Data Server: UltraKey is installed locally or operated from a file server. The UltraKey Data Server Software is installed on the lab, school or district server to manage user data, option settings and custom content. User logins occur seamlessly across local area networks, wide area networks, and/or Internet.
UltraKey with Cloud-based Records: UltraKey is installed locally or operated from a file server. Records are stored on the UltraKey Cloud allowing users to log into their records at school and at home. In the box below, please indicate whether you want home use.
Distance Education: Users operate UltraKey and log into their records from any location. Software is downloaded by users who install the application on their personal computers, or users log into the online format of UltraKey (coming in 2015). This online option is available on a subscription basis.
Online: Software is operated using a browser. UltraKey 6 will be online in 2015. Home-use subscriptions and cloud-based record management are now available for the desktop formats of UltraKey.
Other: The software will be used in a combination of situations or in some other special circumstance. Please describe your needs in the box below.


When do you need the software?

Future Date (Please indicate date in the box provided)

What is your budget?

None: We need suggestions about how to fund our purchase.
None Yet: We are preparing a proposal for future funding. We need a range of alternatives.
Limited: We need a solution that gets us by this year with hopes for a better budget next year.
Adequate: We only need to make sure we get good value for the dollar.

What else should we know?

Please tell us anything else we should know about your needs. We have a wide range of solutions!

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