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The Online Format of UltraKey is Coming Soon


 With the exploding demand for online applications, the online format of UltraKey is now under development and nearing release very soon.  

Special Offer for Early Adopters!

 Susbcribe anytime in the 2015-2106 school year and get a subscription that ends summer 2017, all for just the price of one year of suibscription.  
 The desktop format of UltraKey is already available for home use, with the bonus of allowing students to log into their records from home as if they were still at school. Teachers control home use the same way they control school use of the software. See New! Home Use Subscriptions for UltraKey. Also see New! Voice, Videos and More. 
 The online format of UltraKey will be operable using any Internet browser operating on desktops, laptops, Chromebooks, iPads and tablets. Now that we have started on the online format, we are determined to make the very best online keyboarding instruction available as soon as it can possibly happen.
 If you want to be among the first to know when UltraKey is online, please request a trial license or subscription. We will add your name to our list of first-notice customers. 
 Are you budgeting now? Please request a quote. 
 You can also contact us any time to discuss your needs.