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The Take It Home Bonus Program lets parents purchase home licenses for UltraKey at very low prices through their school. The program has been operating since 1998 and grows in popularity every year! 
We call it "Take It Home Bonus" because families get UltraKey at home while the school earns precious technology funds. 
US and Canadian schools may participate, including international schools operated under Canada or the United States. Expressions of interest from other schools are welcome. 
Significant changes were recently made to make it easier and faster for schools and families to participate: 
Parents now download their software from the Bytes of Learning web site. CDs are no longer delivered. 
To make home login capability a completely automatic setup process, Bytes of Learning prepares custom web pages and custom installers for schools at no charge. Teachers who have piloted this new approach say, "It works perfectly!" 
To cut order fulfillment time and to keep the process simple, SpeedSkin keyboard covers are no longer available through the Take It Home Bonus Program. Families are still welcome to order the covers through the web store. 
To simplify Canadian orders, all sale prices are tax included. 
Get started now by clicking the following links: 
 Detailed Instructions 
 Suggested Parent Notice and Order Form  
 Order Form to be Completed by the School 
"Take It Home Bonus" is a trademark of Bytes of Learning. All rights reserved.