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Whenever a customer buys a larger license for the same version of a title, we call this a license upgrade. 
When a customer purchases a license upgrade from Bytes of Learning, the customer always benefits from the earlier license purchase by receiving a Money Back Upgrade equal to the amount the customer paid for the original license  
Every penny is credited, with no administration charges! What other company makes it so simple? 


A school upgrades from a 30-station UltraKey 6 license ($849) to an UltraKey 6 unlimited network IP site license ($1,299). 
The school pays only $1,299 less $849 = $450. 
Bytes of Learning staff are happy to help you determine the exact Money Back Upgrade Credit to which you may be entitled. Please request a quote. 

Other guidelines:

The net price for any license upgrade is a minimum of $25. 
License upgrade credits are available through resellers. 
License upgrade credits are not available on the purchase of one-year licenses or subscriptions but the fee paid for the prior year's one-year license is credited against the purchase of a permanent license. 
Any credit for an existing license is calculated on the actual amount paid for the license after any discounts were provided. 
For more information, please contact us. 
To be certain, always request a quote.