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New! Voice, Videos and More in UltraKey 6


 Thanks to customer requests and suggestions, UltraKey never stops evolving! And owners of the current generation get all the improvements at no extra charge. 
 If you ever want to check whether a newer UltraKey is available, just log into the management side of UltraKey and choose Updates from the Help menu. 
 If you need to upgrade your UltraKey to the latest major version, or you have just decided to get UltraKey for the first time, please request a quote. 
 The latest UltraKey 6 updates include... 

Tina Meazell Guides Users to Typing Success!

 Voice actor Tina Meazell leads UltraKey users through all the critical steps of learning to keyboard. For those who prefer, the voice can be turned off, but customers are already telling us how much they enjoy Tina's praise and enthusiasm. The UltraKey voice has always helped with English learners, early readers and students needing help with attention. Tina makes typing fun, by being a friend along the way! 

Lifelike Graphics Model Safe Stretching

 UltraKey has always recommended stretching at regular intervals to prevent and relieve muscle pain and tension. Thanks to stunning 3D animation from Gunnar Games, the newest UltraKey leads users in a variety of stretching exercises, and teaches new typists how to stretch safely. Played on demand, twelve videos feature a stunning 3D model, with narration by Tina Meazell. To see for yourself, click the Take a Stretch button shown at left. 

Dynamic Buttons Show the Way

 When teachers prefer, students can be required to complete UltraKey activities in their sequential order. But how can students visually tell what is next? When sequencing is controlled -- this can be turned on and off in management -- activities that cannot be accessed are either grayed or not visible. Other student interfacing elements have been fine-tuned and of course, Tina Meazell's guidance makes it easy for even the youngest children to know what comes next. 

Management Interface Streamlined

 UltraKey features a record management system that can handle everything from operation on a few standalone computers, to many schools with thousands of users. 
 The flexibility and power in the system naturally makes it challenging to offer teachers and instructors an administration interface that is easy to use, while providing all the needed choices. While offering a wide array of controls and customizations, UltraKey remains user-friendly and easy to follow. To sum it up, we have reviewed every message and function, distilling them down to what is essential to our customers. Your input is vital to us. We listen and UltraKey responds! 

Enrollment Power Increased

 When any school district looks for software to provide instruction in all of its schools, questions have to be asked about the software's record keeping ability, and the amount of work required to maintain records. UltraKey 6 has always had the ability to manage over 50 schools at a time, but the flexibility and speed of its enrollment engine has just recently multiplied several times. Imagine enrolling or transferring over 9,000 students in under an hour! Read on... 

One District -- One Host: Administration Made Easy

 Hosting thousands of records at one time is a problem UltraKey solved years ago, but until now each school or site has required its own host. UltraKey is now able to house all the records in a district or enterprise on a single host, making it possible to conduct district-wide enrollments and record transfers. 
 The ability to choose your class and choose your record is still an option for student login style, but customers can now opt for student ID logins instead. The latter approach simplifies district-wide deployment and home study logins. 

Teachers Still Control The Instruction

 The latest UltraKey build series 6.4 lets central administrators enroll and transfer students when needed -- as seldom as once a year -- while teachers can manage student records day to day at the school level. 
 This is accomplished by providing teacher accounts, which give them access just to the classes they teach or create. When the central office processes new enrollments and transfers, the organizational structures teachers have created, remain untouched. 

Our Work Continues!

 UltraKey already has optional cloud-based record keeping and home use subscriptions are working well! 
 Next up for UltraKey, Bytes of Learning continues to develop our vision for the ultimate keyboarding solution with our new, fully online, web-based format. To be notified when this latest evolution of UltraKey is released later this year, please request a trial license or subscription and include a statement about your interest. 
 For additional information or comments, contact us. 
 For specific pricing on an UltraKey license or subscription to suit your needs, request a quote.