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What ages is UltraKey suited for?


 UltraKey is rated and proven effective with users age 8 to adult. In practice, the program is used as young as age 6.  
   UltraKey spans a broad range of ages for these reasons...  
   • All instruction is voice-supported.  
   • All skills are demonstrated using clear graphical animation.  
   • Different interfaces are offered for age and preference.
   • The program is entirely self-paced.  
   • Challenge levels and practice weight are individualized.  
   • Numerous options can be set at the class and individual level.  
   • Practice content is easily customized and assigned.
   To see UltraKey in action with younger users, click the Davis District Keyboarding Challenge button a left, or the button Using UltraKey with Young Children.   
   We are happy to discuss your specific situation. Please contact us.