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Is UltraKey suitable for mature users?


 UltraKey is effective for all ages because it has no childish elements, adapts to whatever ability the user has, and proceeds at the user's personal pace.  
   UltraKey begins by providing a challenge level assessment that determines how proficiently the user types now. UltraKey then sets a goal for the user that can be adjusted for more or less difficulty.   
   The UltraKey instruction is designed to meet the individual challenge level by instructing the user in correct technique and systematically bulding the user's performance. Even when the person has good typing skills to begin with, UltraKey is effective at helping the user reach new levels of proficiency.  
   UltraKey is never condescending and it supports every mature user from low-functioning to high.  
   For all the above reasons, UltraKey is a popular choice for adult instruction in colleges, correction services, libraries, community centers and other facilities where younger and older adults are served.  

Attention Adult Trainers:

    UltraKey can administer 1-minute up to 5-minute timed typing tests using any content of your choosing. When set to calculate net speed, UltraKey applies international standards for typing assessment and generates reports showing words typed, errors made, and net speed calculated. These reports are designed so trainers can use them to certify typng performance for job-qualification purposes.   

Attention Correcions Department Educators:

   UltraKey is used in corrections facilities because the instruciton is effective, the tone and presentation are appropriate to adolescent and adult inmates, and the software meets the technical needs of the corrections environment. See Why UltraKey Belongs Behind Bars!