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How can UltraKey meet the whole district's needs?


 UltaKey has a powerful  record management system that lets you centralize your data management while providing instructional control of UltraKey to the schools, teachers and students. The UltraKey system generates school-wide, class-wide and individual reports so auditors, administrators, teachers and parents are fully informed about the curriculum presented and the performance achieved.  
   The latest generation of UltraKey offers 12 interface themes designed to appeal to a wide range of user ages and needs. The adaptive and user-paced nature of the program mean that UltraKey can provide core instruction for any student in the system from grade two through twelve.  
   Numerous options allow teachers to easily adapt UltraKey to their own teaching styles and the ages of their students.  
   UltraKey includes many supports and adaptations for special needs students too -- all assignable at the individual level.  
    When UltraKey is used at home, they log into their school or district record the same way they do when they are at school and the experience is just as seamless.   
   Bytes of Learning offers a range licensing and subscription options, all designed so we can perfectly match district needs.   
   UltraKey Cloud for Record Keeping  
   Home Use Subscriptions for UltraKey  
   School and Home Subscriptions for UltraKey