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How much maintenance does UltraKey need?


 Faced with cutbacks in central office funding, many IT departments know they can only afford to support one typing tutor. UltraKey is engineered for efficient central deployment and it has optional cloud-based record keeping.   
   Proven over three decades of use, UltraKey has a longstanding record for reliability. As important, Bytes of Learning provides immediate response whenever troubles arise.  
   Whether the district hosts its own data or opts for the UltraKey Cloud, the proven data management in UltraKey ensures teachers and students are never locked out. Permission problems are a thing of the past and so are security issues.  
   Bytes of Learning performs its own product research and development with schools specifically in mind. So the software works by design! When problems do arise, the software is excellent at reporting them on the spot.  
   The UltraKey data server software and every copy of the client keeps operation logs that detail issues the software is encountering. The logs provide critical information that dramatically shortens trouble-shooting time when needed.   
   In all, UltraKey is engineered to run and keep running while minimizing maintenance costs in the process.