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SpeedSkins Available at Bytes of Learning


SpeedSkin Keyboard Covers Available at Bytes of Learning

October 27, 2008 (Markham, Ontario, Canada) -- Bytes of Learning Incorporated is pleased to announce that SpeedSkin has partnered with Bytes of Learning to make SpeedSkin's popular peek-proof keyboard covers available through Bytes of Learning. The covers may be purchased by Bytes of Learning's school and private customers. The covers may also be purchased by parents through the Take It Home Bonus Program or at the Bytes of Learning store.
Bytes of Learning is a leading supplier of computer-based instruction teaching people to type by touch. The company's UltraKey software is among the most effective and powerful software applications available for education.
SpeedSkin keyboard covers have been a popular solution to the age old challenge of teaching people to rely on the touch of their finger tips rather than looking at the keyboard. SpeedSkin keyboard covers lay over the keys to discourage looking at the keyboard. By themselves, the covers don't necessarily teach touch typing but they can be an excellent aid when used with discretion by an informed typing teacher.
Since May 2008, Bytes of Learning and SpeedSkin have jointly offered the Keyboarding Combo, a solution that combines UltraKey, SpeedSkins and the teacher resources How to Teach Keyboarding as one low-priced combination. This offering has been so successful, the companies have agreed to continue the combos. They have also agreed to offer SpeedSkin products for separate sale through Bytes of Learning.
Effective immediately, schools can purchase SpeedSkin products directly from Bytes of Learning. Parents can too! Additionally, parents can purchase SpeedSkin products through Bytes of Learning's Take It Home Bonus Program and School Link Program
Bytes of Learning is an educational software technology producer and publisher based in Markham, Ontario. The company was founded in 1984 with an expressed purpose of combining the best in technology with the best in educational approaches. For additional information, visit: www.bytesoflearning.com