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 Customers are encouraged to securely file software access keys to ensure uninterrupted use of their software purchases. 
From time to time, mistakes do happen.  
This page tells you what to do if you have lost the access key to your Bytes of Learning software. 

Single-station Licenses


Access keys are stuck inside each single-station package. When a license is electronically purchased, the user receives an access key in an email. That package and email are the proof of purchase. Bytes of Learning does not replace access keys for single-station licenses because the key is part of the proof of purchase. If we can, we will resend an original license email. To request this, send an email to customer service.  

Multi-station Licenses


To replace an access key for a multi-station license, you must complete and submit the Access Key Request Form. This MS Word form is easy to complete right on your screen. Email or fax the completed form to Bytes of Learning and we will respond within 1 business day. Bytes of Learning reserves the right to deny any request.  

No Calls Please


The form contains the information we must have in order to research your request. Bytes of Learning staff may not provide access keys by phone.  

$50 Charge on Repeated Requests


Bytes of Learning replaces a multi-station key the first time for no charge. On subsequent requests, Bytes of Learning charges a service fee of $50 paid by credit card or check. This fee compensates for administrative expense and the security breach that additional key issuing represents. This charge can be avoided by securely filing all software license keys where they can be retrieved as needed.  

Keep Your Keys Secure


Keeping a record of software keys is a good practice as long as the information is secured against unauthorized access. For everybody's sake, please keep your keys safe for you, and unavailable to others.